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Hi, I'm Vess, I'm from Rome, and I'm obsess. Oh... And i swear a lot. No for real, a lot. Mainly against Kim Jongdae. And I'm currently on hiatus(yes, again) because of finals and moving to UK(fuck yeah!)

→ Anonymous whispered : So kris leave exo for his personal interest and business and everyone is happy ? what about what exo members think of it ? I really don't understand how people can think this way. It seens like some people can really manipulated people's mind


That’s really sad. If anyone thinks an individual human being pursuing their dreams is somehow manipulative, then that’s sad on so many different levels. Everyone who was and is in EXO is there for their personal interests…how? Well, Kai was a child that loved dancing, and wanted to join SM for his personal love of dance. Luhan was a child growing up in China that loved Halyu and and dreamed of being a K-Pop star, and joined SM. Baekhyun was a child growing up in Korea that always told his friends that he’d grow up to be a K-Pop singer (read his childhood and school accounts by former classmates). I could go on to list all individual members of EXO and the personal reasons they joined SM, but I’m sure people get the point by now. All of the members of EXO joined SM to pursue their own personal dreams. Kris had his own personal dreams when he auditioned for SM in Canada. He wanted to be an actor, according to his childhood friends accounts. And by the words of his own mother, he trained at SM for nearly 5 years being told he would debut but always being denied that chance year after year. Imagine for a second, pull out your ability to sympathize and empathize, a 17 year old kid moving to a country to pursue his dreams, where he didn’t speak the language or understand the culture, being away from all your friends and family, away from any semblance of normalcy, all for the sake of your dream. Imagine being in a place where you didn’t know how to communicate with people until you learned the language (which can take an average of one year), and how YOU would feel. Do you know the meaning of empathy? Let that sink in for a minute or two. Then after Kris debuted in EXO, for whatever reason, after the MAMA era, he and EXO’s management didn’t get along (you can read accounts about how the new female manager was inappropriate with the members, if you want I can make another post for just you, linking it all) but whatever the reason was, Kris was unhappy. EXO members joked about how Kris slept for almost 10 hours a day, do you know that sleeping that long is a sing on depression? Kris was not happy. He sacrificed 5 years of his life and he was not happy. I have a cousin who is 30 yrs old now, but she was a teenager in the era of N’SYNC and BSB. When I told her about this situation, she told me the same thing happened to N’SYNC. N’SYNC was a very popular band in the late 90’s and their management was taking advantage of them 2 years into their debut (sound familiar?) where N’SYNC was making millions of dollars per year but they were only getting paid only 30,000 dollars per year. Then they , as a group decided to sue their management and leave. Shinwa did the same thing, they sued SM as a group and left. SM has been sued by so many of their artist before, H.O.T, Shinwa, Hangen ( SM made him where a mask for years because he was a “foreigner”, that right there should give you a clue as to how SM views their Chinese artists and trainees). Kris was unhappy, and he is 25 years old, he is not getting younger, time to pursue his dreams is running out. Kris was offered many life changing roles, including Tiny Times, which would have made him a HUGE movie star, but like I said, for some reason SM has a vendetta against him and denied him all movie roles, even though that was his dream all along. Do you think Kris made this decision heartlessly? Look at his fancam the last day he performed with EXO, he cried a million tears knowing this was going to be his last performance with EXO. Have you heard his solo song for Tiny Times 3? The director said he gave Kris that song to sing because it identifies with is current situation. Listen to the song and lyrics and let it all sink in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yruhyZS5-2E

Kris didn’t make this decision heartlessly and callously. But often times in life, a person has to chose between making others happy and making themselves happy. Why should Kris spend his life slaving away for SM who took constant advantage of him? And for other EXO members who couldn’t even recognize his depression, saying during the press conference that Kris leaving came as a complete shock…how close were they if they trained and lived together for years but were not able to recognize signs of depression in a fellow member? 

I think SM is a horrible place that abuses their artists (read Simon and Martina’s account of how SM treated them to get an idea of the kind of people that work for SM). Every human being has the right to pursue their life’s desires. Kris is a human being. I love Kris. I’m not talking about romantic love or omg I want oppa kind of love, I’m talking about the kind of love a mother feels for their child…a love where you want the person to live their life to the fullest and see them thrive. And if you love EXO, you should feel the same about all of their members, including Kris. If you think your personal desires for any one of the EXO members  is more important than their own personal desires, or ANY EXO member to pursue their heart;s desires, then that’s not an explanation Kris owes you, that’s something you need to work out on your own, as to why the wishes of a heart should be drowned under expectations of others. 

So yes, almost everyone IS happy for Kris, because most decent human beings realize and empathize with the struggle Kris went through, It’s not a matter of Kris leaving EXO or EXO against Kris, it’s a matter of SM mistreating their trainees and artists. It’s a matter of SM playing with the emotions of fans and artists. Let me repeat…IT’S NOT EXO AGAINST KRIS, OR KRIS LEAVING EXO, IT’S KRIS LEAVING SM, IT’S A MATTER OF SM AGAINST BASIC HUMAN DECENCY. If you can’t see that as others can. then that’s something YOU need to sort out. 


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